RME016 Husqvarna Enduro Titanium Footpegs

For all Husqvarna models
Model year 2018

Stainless steel springs for Raptor Titanium KTM footpegs
  • Super strong. Crafted by British engineers using hand-fabricated, aerospace-grade titanium and the latest manufacturing techniques to produce the strongest welds, eliminating stress and corrosion
  • Ultra light-weight, only 340g per set
  • Maximum grip 24 tooth design, wider platform (57mm) offering a greater surface area
  • Anti-clog design to resist mud clogging and buildup
  • Hand-fabricated in the UK by Raptor Titanium
  • FREE set of compatible stainless steel springs included
  • FREE delivery
  • Customisable
  • Performance Perfected by Raptor Titanium

£199.95 per pair

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RME016 Enduro titanium footpegs