Custom footpeg position offset options

Custom position offset footpegs can be selected during the order process for your selected bike and footpeg model. An additional charge of £39.95GBP is applicable to all custom position offset footpegs. There will also be an extended lead time on dispatch due to these parts not being a stock item and are always made to order.

We have these specific offsets that are listed in this PDF available due to tooling being made for previous higher quantity orders for that offset footpeg, which made it viable to produce the tooling for that offset. For us to consider custom position offsets outside those listed that we already have available would require a quantity order, minimum of 10 sets of footpegs for it to be viable to produce the tooling, otherwise to make a welding fixture for just one set of footpegs would make them prohibitively expensive. We are happy to consider quantity orders for custom position offsets that are not listed in the PDF, so please contact us if you wish to discuss this.

footpegs position offset availability