We are a manufacturer of high-quality, aerospace-grade titanium footpegs for off-road motorcycles.

Welcome to Raptor Titanium, the real deal among premier after-market, off-road motorcycle product manufacturers in creating the number one titanium footpeg in the world for quality, strength, grip, platform-width, light-weight design and ultra-‘trick’ factory aesthetic.

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Raptor Titanium RX001 Motocross Footpegs


Raptor Titanium footpegs have been developed and tested for over ten years and are now the most technically complete and best-performing footpeg in their category.

With ever more professionals and factory teams using and endorsing our products they are an essential for any serious rider in modern off-road motorcycling, so what are you waiting for? Now has never been a better time to perfect your performance with Raptor Titanium.

Better than factory

The list of professional and factory race teams we supply continues to grow every year and our main aim as a company and manufacturer is to spec the very best and most advanced bikes in the world with our products. We are proud to be associated with the great racing heritage of championships like the FIM world motocross championship and FIM AMA supercross and motocross championships.

We manufacture a limited number of parts every year due to our manufacturing processes and the surplus can be obtained exclusively from us directly or selected dealers and distributors throughout the world.

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